Friday, March 7, 2014

Van Locken's Witch Character Interview...Part Two!

Last week I had such so much fun asking the characters of "Van Locken's Witch" questions posed by my beta readers, we thought we'd do it again this week! This time we'll pull questions from both my blog-readers as well as finish up the questions from my beta readers that we didn't get around to answering on my last post.

The 'Mauritius' and other East Indiamen between  and 

Blog reader Nicole had some great questions for the crew of the Rood Draeck. Are you listening boys? Good. Then, here we go.

1. First of all, Nicole wants to know if any of you hesitated in following Wolf as your new kapitein when Rand stepped down...

2. What were your feelings on these new circumstances...

3. Did any of you feel Rand made a mistake in his quest to help Lissa...

4. And finally, did a time ever exist when you disliked Lissa or feared her abilities?

(Joris waves a hand.) I"ll answer that first question. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that not a single crewman aboard the Draeck had any reservations whatsoever in accepting Wolf as our kapitein when that moment finally arrived. Rand taught him well, and the many instances wherein Rand left him in charge of the ship, Wolf proved more than capable of the task and many times over.

(Each crewmen nods as Laurens clears his throat.) "Boarding the Witte Wieven with Wolf at the helm  seemed a natural step for all of us to take. In all reality, the only thing missing on the Witte Wieven was Rand himself, Antonis, and Hendrick. However, we drew comfort in knowing that we left our good kapitein in very good hands...very good hands.

(The crew laughs as Johannes steps forward.) "Indeed we did. Now, for question three, no one ever thought assisting Lissa in the rescue of her sister was a mistake. We were all for it and so cast our vote when Rand made the proposal. Though you couldn't possibly know it, we've taken on a number of quests that had nothing to do with capturing Spanish ships. Each of those quests presented a unique set of challenges, and in turn, gave us the laudable reputation for which we were known far and wide."

"That, they did," Pieter agreed. "As for the next question, although we didn't fear Lissa in the true sense of the word, that doesn't mean we didn't carry a healthy respect for her and the particular set of skills she possessed. And dislike? Not possible. We all loved her in our own way."

"As long as it's in a sisterly way, I don't have a problem with that," Rand interrupted. much to the delight and laughter of his men.

All right then, since we're speaking of Lissa, blog reader Tammy wants to know if she was ever attracted to Wolf and if, in the beginning, she wondered if the captain's first mate would be a better choice than the captain...Lissa?

(A breath of quiet laughter escapes as Lissa looks first at Wolf and then settles her gaze upon Rand.) "Wolf is incredibly handsome and very noble, isn't he... Yet, despite those very obvious facts, I think my heart always belonged to Rand. Besides, shortly after I met Rand and his crew, I had a vision in which I saw the woman destined to claim Wolf's heart. That woman wasn't me."

Wolf huffs out an indignant breath. "You never told me that."

"No, I didn't, did I...but then again, some things should remain a mystery, don't you think?"

That's right!  One shouldn't expect a woman to disclose everything she knows! Now before I move on, Lissa, I have a couple of questions for you.. 

First, Summer wants to know if you ever figured out why you needed to help Bacanao recover from her devasting illness. And second, a beta reader wants to know why you needed to purchase furniture before you sailed out of your native dimension? Couldn't you have found all that you needed there?

(Lissa returns a mysterious smile.) "Yes, I know why dear little Bacanao needed to live, but for now, the reason will just have to remain another one of those little mysteries! As far as the furniture is concerned, I didn't know what we would find once we crossed the portal. I had no way of knowing the value they would place on our monetary resources, if any at all. Therefore, we thought it best to be prepared, just in case." 

That's all your going to tell us about Bacanao? Really?

(Lissa's smile broadens.) "Sorry, that's the best I can least, for right now..."

All right then, your turn Rand, I have a couple of questions for you from our beta readers. First, they want to know when you first wanted to kiss Lissa, and two, did you receive the satisfaction you craved when you knocked Armando out?

(Rand chuckles.) I fought the desire to kiss Lissa from the moment I first laid eyes on her in that filthy, disgusting berth. But giving in to that desire at that time and in that place would have been most inappropriate, wouldn't you agree?"

Yes, I suppose I would...

"And the answer to the second question is no, no I didn't get the satisfaction I craved when the maggot hit the ground. In my estimation, his comeuppance demanded far more justice than just that." 

I couldn't agree with you more! All right, Wolf,  this one is for you. You just now seemed a bit indignant when Lissa told you that she had seen Aliyana in vision...and for those who don't know, Aliyana is the woman who claims Wolf's heart in Shadow of the Witte Wieven. However, what our beta readers want to know is if you wish she would have told you beforehand, about that storm you would have to battle in the Bermuda Triangle?

(Wolf lets go of a breath and shakes his head ever so slightly.) "No, I don't think I would have. We lost a lot of our crewmen that day. Good men. I think if Lissa had made me privy to that, I might not have chosen to work that particular area of the sea in an effort to save their lives. If I had avoided the triangle, then I would never have met my beloved Aliyana, or had all of the amazing adventures in between."

The Old Oak in the Forest of Fontainebleau circa 1830 by Jules Coignet

Lissa, we'll wrap up this session with a final few questions for you from our beta readers. First, they want to know if there are any men in the realm of the ghost-wieven and two, once you finish your mortal life, will you join their ranks?   

(A wistful smile emerges as Lissa takes hold of Rand's hand.) "No, there aren't any men in the glorious realm of the ghost-wieven and because of that, I won't be joining them. Now, don't get me wrong, they are wondrous beings who strive to help those who so desperately need their help. But, I just can't imagine any life, whether mortal or not, without Rand."

(Rand gives her a wink.) "Nor I without you, my lovely lady witch...nor, I without you."

 And you know what? Neither can I!  Thanks for coming everyone and hopefully we'll see you again sometime in the future!

If you have a question for any character in any of my books, feel free to ask here or shoot me an email! 


  1. I'm so excited about this question and answer blog. You always want to know what is in there heads. It makes you feel closer to the characters. Thanks for doing this. Please keep it going. : ))

  2. I have had SO much fun with this that I think maybe I will! If you've got questions for my characters, we'll just have to answer book at a time! Thanks so much Tammy, for your questions and input. I LOVE them!

  3. Another great interview. And I agree with Tammy that's it's always interesting to hear from the characters themselves and learn what they're thinking. Fun to have so many of the group here for this round. I loved Lissa's answer about not joining the ghost-wieven in the after life. Her bond with Rand is a forever bond, just the way it should be :)

  4. Thanks Mae! And this has been especially fun for me. It has been so interesting to see the questions (some of them quite surprising) that readers have. Sometimes we forget, as authors, that our readers don't know everything we know...

  5. Thanks so much for answering my questions! It really is fun to know a little more personal insight and thoughts of the characters! i just knew that Rand really wanted to wail on that weaselly Armando! ( I may have exaggerated that scene in my head just a bit xD ) And Lissa, didn't anyone ever tell you it's not nice to tease lol? You have my interest perked about Bacanoa now! Dare I hope that there might be an upcoming book that explains the connection?!?!?!

    I know that the Q&A session is probably over now ;'( but I do have one more question that's been on my mind that has me wondering! I'm hoping Lissa can help me out! I know that you and Rand are soul mates and its your desire to always be with him.... but I wonder, with as much history and spiritual connections as the Wieven must have to one another, do you ever feel a pull, a longing, a missing piece perhaps that draws you back to the other women?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! Its definitely been a lot of fun! Cant wait for the next one!

    1. Hello Nicole! I'm so glad you enjoyed the interviews! Dare you hope for another book in this series that would answer a few more of your questions? I would say you probably wouldn't be wasting your time... :D And as far as that last question for Lissa, I think it's such a good one that we'll just have to ask her to answer it! Stay tuned...

  6. Well you just peeked my interest even more and I hope I won't have to wait too long to get an answer. O course, Lissa could just email me. I promise I won't tell. Thanks for the character interviews. It's fun to know a little bit more about whats going on with them.

    1. Thanks Summer! I'm happy your interest is piqued and I promise I'll work very hard on getting that answer to all those who want that question answered!