Friday, February 28, 2014

"Van Locken's Witch" Character Interview...Part One!

My wonderful beta readers compiled a list of their more burning questions for Rand, Lissa, and some of the crew! Here's hoping they...and you...enjoy the answers as much as our characters did the questions! 

Fünfmastvollschiff Royal Clipper by Engelberger

First question goes to Wolf Dircksen Van Ness, First Mate and best friend of Kapitien Rand Van Locken:

Tell me, Wolf, were you attracted to Lissa yourself, or were you just pushing Rand's buttons in the beginning of the book?

(Wolf laughs.) "Now, there isn't a red-blooded man out there who wouldn't be attracted to the lovely, lady Lissa! However, I knew right from the beginning that Rand was completely besotted by the girl. Stubborn man didn't want to admit it though, so I decided to give him a friendly push in the right direction. After all, a more perfect woman for our highly-regarded kapitein just didn't exist and I think we all knew that."

While I have you here Wolf, here is another question for you:
What did you have planned for the first man to step into that confessional?"

(A grin emerges.) I just thought if I made him think he came face-to-face with the devil himself, he would let loose a scream that would do naught but enhance the fear the guards already felt. But alas..."

Well, in my opinion, you would've  been just the man to do that!  All right, Rand, this question is for you:

Exactly at what point did you know that you had more than a passing interest in Lissa? 

(Rand looks at Lissa and winks.) "Well, if I was honest with you, as well as with myself, I would have to stay she stirred something in me from the first moment I laid eyes on her. However, seeing Wolf dancing so closely with her, drew that point home and drew it home well."

So nice to hear you admit that aloud! Okay, here's one for you, Lissa:

You sort of interfered there at the beginning of the story when you moved Rand's ship a goodly distance out into the open ocean. Let's suppose for a minute that during the course of the next several days, if Rand hadn't been willing to assist you in the rescue of your sister, would you have placed some kind of enchantment on him that would compel him to change his mind because of the vision you had?

(Lissa shakes her head.) "No, I would never have done that. As I said, visions are always subject to change and if at that time Rand chose to return to the Dutch Fleet rather than accompany me to Puerto Rico, I would have continued my journey alone."

(Rand takes hold of Lissa's hand and grins.) "Such a thing would never have crossed my mind and I assure you, there's no way I would've allowed you to embark on a such a journey by yourself."

Well, as Wolf said, it's quite easy to see that you and Lissa love each other deeply. Now having said that, Rand, our beta readers want to know what prompted you to say what you did, to the ghost-wieven:

(Rand pauses for a moment.) "I don't know really. I can tell you that I didn't plan on saying that. It's just that when I knelt there at the base of the tree, I spoke the words deep in my heart."

And Dante, what about you? As the character in love with Lissa's sister, what did you say to the ghost-wieven?

(Dante shrugs.) I just spoke of the love I had for her and with all the energy of my soul, I asked for her return. I also said that if such was not possible, then I asked that I might take her place so that she could live her life as intended."

Thanks Dante, now Rand, I have just one more question for you today and then we'll save the rest for later:

"All right."

Our beta group wants to know if you felt anything out of the ordinary when you held Lissa while she immersed herself in her magic enchantments:

(The group laughs.) "Now that's a loaded question. However, if you are asking me if I felt anything concerning the various magical elements that she feels, then the answer is no. Not that I wouldn't like to..."

I understand that completely! I think experiencing something like that would be awesome! The last question today is for Lissa...and I hope you're ready for it:

When did you first want to kiss Rand?

(Lissa blushes as she exchanges a glance with her handsome captain.) You know, I really, really wanted to experience that kiss we almost shared there on the island...

I don't blame you there!  All right that's it for today. However, we have other questions we want you answer, same time next week, so don't forget to show up!

Stay tuned for part two!


  1. Ok This is for Lissa. Did you ever have a attraction for Wolf? Or did you ever wonder witch one was the right one for you?

  2. Great question Tammy! I can't wait to see how Lissa answers this one!

  3. This one is for the crew!
    Did any of you hesitate to follow Wolf in his new role as Kapitein! And what were your feelings on the new circumstances?

    One more!
    Did you ever feel like Rand was making a mistake in helping Lissa with her mission? Being as you're rough, tough sea going men? Was there ever a time you didn't like or feared Lissa and her abilities?

  4. I love the questions Nicole... let me go round up the rowdy crew and see what they have to say!

  5. Such a great interview with the whole gang! I just spent a lot of time with Wolf in Shadow of the Witte Wieven so I particularly enjoyed his ribbing Rand up above. I don't have a question at the moment, but I'm eager to hear the answers to Tammy's and Nicoles, and look forward to the next round of casual chatter with the gang :)

  6. I'm looking forward to it too, Mae! Thanks for stopping by and where in the world was my "Mythical Monday" this past week? I really missed it you know... ;)

  7. I want to know if Lissa ever knew why she was supposed to help that little girl in the Taino village?

    1. Ah! Let's ask Lissa and find out, shall we? Thanks so much for stopping by Summer!