Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sea Creatures and Solstice Island by Author, Mae Clair!!

I am so excited to have my dear friend Mae Clair, author of the very popular Weathering Rock and Twelfth Sun, drop by for a visit today! She is here to share a little bit about her current release, a book I've read and highly recommend...Solstice Island!

Thank you for inviting me to your blog today, Debbie. I’m delighted to be here to share my current release, SOLSTICE ISLAND, a romantic adventure novella that centers around the quest for an aquatic creature.

Sea beasts seem to come in two popular varieties: serpents and leviathans. There are exceptions, of course, (colossal squids, gargantuan octopi, and carnivorous mutant fish), but traditionally sea monsters tend to be classified as serpents or leviathans. When it came time to create a mythical oceanic creature for my latest release, SOLSTICE ISLAND, I tried to avoid using the word serpent as much as possible. I didn’t want the image of a snake-like creature.