Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Satin Doll: A Character Interview by Joe Cosentino

a Jana Lane mystery by Joe Cosentino, published by The Wild Rose Press


I am pleased to have Senator Sancho Ramirez of New York with me, a character from Joe Cosentino’s SATIN DOLL, a Jana Lane mystery, published by The Wild Rose Press. It’s an honor to interview a young senator from Washington, DC., Senator Ramirez.

Please, call me Sancho.

Welcome, Sancho.

Thank you. It feels good to leave Joe Cosentino’s computer for a while.

Joe describes you as extremely charismatic, handsome with effervescent dark hair and eyes, dimples like craters, a muscular physique, and dressed in expensive suits.

Don’t forget the red ties.

Are you single?