Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Who Inspired Me to Write? Not Who You Might Think...

Normally we deal with the paranormal around here, especially during a book tour. However, every now and again, I'll venture off on something else.

Today is one of those days.

One of the questions I'm often asked during interviews is: What author or authors inspired you to write? My answer is always the same. The person who must take the credit, or the blame -- according to your perspective -- is not an author. He is my beloved husband. He encouraged--and gave me the courage--to write down my stories and submit them for publication. When I finally received my first contract, no one celebrated my success more than he didand that's when it started!

What, you might ask, am I talking about? I'm talking about the thoughtful, special little gifts I received in commemoration of each book I wrote and published.  

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cover Reveal for Dark Deliverance by Tamela Miles

I'm happy to participate in the Cover Reveal for Tamela Miles' upcoming release! Isn't it gorgeous? Drop Tamela a line and let her know what you think!

Elle Connor's life is as grim as she had always feared. Years of demon slaying have left her with nothing to show for her trouble. She's convinced a "normal" life was never meant for her. 
Patrick Holt wants nothing more than to be away from the holy wars and has lived quietly for years as an average human. The trouble is that he's anything but average--he's a fallen hybrid angel. 

When Tagas the guardian angel pairs them up to investigate the brutal slayings of young women in Los Angeles, Elle wants nothing to do with Patrick. As Elle and Patrick begin to understand each other, irritation is forgotten and fiery passion ignites between them. "No ties" is how they both live, but Elle soon begins to long for much more. As they become sucked deeper into the mysterious killings, Elle fears that, in this battle, Hell will win.
Author Info:

Monday, June 6, 2016

Whittington Inn and the Ghosts That Dwell Therein...

In the South Staffordshire District of Staffordshire, England, is a very lovely village known as Kinver. Within this village one can find The Whittington Inn. According to some, this old manor house was built in 1310 by Sir William De Whittington, knight at arms. Believe it or not, according to the genealogy charts, Sir William is a many times great grandfather of my husband. More than likely, okay very likely, this is why I chose to share the ghostly goings on at Whittington Inn... Well, that and the fact that my novel, Bound by Oath and Honour, now in Audio, begins in Staffordshire.

Whittington Inn, Photograph by Peter Broster
Anyway, as you might expect, the inn boasts a rich history. I'll give you just a few examples.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Joe Cosentino talks China Doll, his fourth Jana Lane Mystery...

Award-winning bestselling author Joe Cosentino did an author interview with us for the release of PORCELAIN DOLL, the second Jana Lane mystery, published by The Wild Rose Press. He interviewed his sexy young congressman character, Sancho Ramirez, for the release of SATIN DOLL, the third Jana Lane mystery. Joe is back with us today interviewing his heroine Jana Lane for the release of CHINA DOLL, the fourth Jana Lane mystery.

Joe: Hi Jana. It’s funny to interview you since I know you so well.

Jana: Nobody knows me like you do.

Joe: Jana, you were America’s most famous child star with movies like Daddy’s Girl, Jungle Girl, School Spy, The Littlest Farmer, The Cowgirl and Bandit, Girl Detective, Pink Ballerina, The Cutest Scientist, and many more. Then at middle age, you made a film comeback in the steamy His Obsession and Madame Senator—for which you won a well-deserved Academy Award! You are still gorgeous at forty-one with your petite figure, layered blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and porcelain skin. Do you have a beauty regime?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Ghosts of Tutbury Castle

Since Bound by Oath and Honour begins in a creepy (inspired by Cannock Chase) forest in beautiful county Staffordshire, I thought it appropriate to write 
a little something paranormal in Tutbury...like the castle for instance.

Photograph of Tutbury Castle by Dave Harris

For a time, the great de Ferrers family called this castle home. Later it became a center for some very powerful earls and dukes, such as the great John of Gaunt, 2nd Duke of Lancaster. 

What? You don’t recognize the name? Well somewhere along the way you might have heard of his son, King Henry IV; his grandson, King Henry V; and his great grandson, King Henry VI.

Ahem... moving right along...