Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Of Supermoons and Lovespoons...

By the light of the silvery moon,
I want to spoon, to my honey I'll croon love's tune,
Honeymoon keep a-shining in June,
Your silvery beams will bring love dreams, 
we'll be cuddling soon,
By the silvery moon.

With all the excitement building for the first "Supermoon Lunar Eclipse" to occur in over thirty years--coming to a place near you on September 27th-- this old song popped into my head. 

My mom still sings this song on occasion, but I heard her sing it most often in my childhood. I got to wondering then about “spooning,” which, in my mother’s generation meant showing love and affection by kissing... a lot... and most often in a car parked high on a hill while gazing at the sparkle of city lights below or taking in the glimmering luster from the stars and moon overhead. Most especially a full moon, harvest moon, blue moon and maybe even a supermoon!

Did you know there's even a black moon, which is sort of important in my fantasy romance, Bound by Oath and Honour...