Monday, June 6, 2016

Whittington Inn and the Ghosts That Dwell Therein...

In the South Staffordshire District of Staffordshire, England, is a very lovely village known as Kinver. Within this village one can find The Whittington Inn. According to some, this old manor house was built in 1310 by Sir William De Whittington, knight at arms. Believe it or not, according to the genealogy charts, Sir William is a many times great grandfather of my husband. More than likely, okay very likely, this is why I chose to share the ghostly goings on at Whittington Inn... Well, that and the fact that my novel, Bound by Oath and Honour, now in Audio, begins in Staffordshire.

Whittington Inn, Photograph by Peter Broster
Anyway, as you might expect, the inn boasts a rich history. I'll give you just a few examples.

It is said that King Charles II sought to save his life within the manor by hiding in the priest's hole right after the battle of Worcester during England's Civil war. 

Taking her royal seal in the oak doors at the entrance as proof, Queen Anne spent at least one night here.

William Howe, the infamous brigand who murdered Squire Benjamin Robins in December of 1812, was captured and arrested at this very Inn. Much to William's dismay, his victim survived long enough to give a full description of his attacker.

History also tells us that Jane, daughter of Henry Grey, first Duke of Suffolk, resided here for a time while in her youth. She would later marry Lord Guildford Dudley. In a series of events and political intrigue following the death of King Edward the Sixth in 1553, Lady Jane Grey became Queen of England. She didn't rule very long though. Just nine days later, charged and convicted of high treason, she was beheaded in the Tower of London.

Lady Jane Grey Engraving, circa 1620

With such a terrible, violent death, is it any wonder the spirit of Lady Jane may have remained behind? Her ghost seems to travel a lot, if you believe all of the ghostly sightings in various places throughout England. Still, it might make sense for her to return to a place where life was far more simple and far more pleasant. She is often seen at Whittington Inn in a long flowing dress, gracefully descending the staircase and in various places around the pub.

A ghostly monk, who may or may not have been murdered by Catholics at the inn during the Reformation, has also made Whittington Inn his home. There's also the ghost who enjoys scaring the tar out of various guests by wrapping his cold, dead hands around their necks while they sleep... (Yeah, I don't want to see that one).

Many a driver has come to a screeching halt when a figure, coming out of absolutely nowhere, decides to cross the road regardless of the vehicles which may be driving on it. Of course, much to the bewilderment of distraught drivers, he disappears as quickly as he appears. 

There's more.

Many people have reported seeing shadowy figures flitting about the bar where taps turn on without the aid of human help. Did I mention the glasses that fly across the room while employees and customers alike gape? Of course, at least one specter enjoys placing a hand on the shoulder of an unsuspecting victim. But who knows? With all of the ghosts dwelling inside Whittington Inn, maybe they've gathered at the pub for a party of their own. Perhaps from their point of view, the living are the intruders that need to take their leave. It just might be they're giving them a gentle nudge to point them in that direction...

What do you think?



  1. How intriguing that your husband is descended from Sir William! Whittington Inn sounds as if it has enough ghosts to fill every room, LOL. I think this is one of those places that needs to be profiled on a documentary of "haunted places."

    And poor Lady Jane Grey. Heads rolled so easily back then! *shudder*

    1. As Whittington blood flows through his veins I just had to check and see if they were related! Fun stuff. As for Lady Jane... poor thing! Thanks so much for stopping by. As always, I love your visits!

  2. I arrived for an informal meeting there some years ago . As I walked in I saw a young woman just as you described holding her garments and walking down the stairs . The vision only lasted for about half a second but impacted me greatly . I was even more astonished to read on the bottom of the stairs that others had seen this apparition. When I sat down I didn’t say anything but everyone’s phone , 6 of us , was completely battery drained . I had never set foot in that pub before and had drove a long way to get there .