Friday, August 24, 2012

Oceans of Mystery...mixed with a heavy dose of romance!

The troubling, mystifying, Bermuda Triangle... Is it just folklore fodder for the masses? Or do we have true paranormal phenomenon going on here? The mere mention of the name conjures visions of unexplained events, unearthly storms, paranormal activity, and uneasy feeling.

Known also as the Devil’s Triangle, the mind conjures the haunting tale of twists in time, improbable losses of ships, planes, and people who have vanished without a trace, leaving their ships eerily abandoned. Of a certainty, theories abound. But who can explain the final, evocative, and inexplicable radio contact recordings of the doomed Flight 19? Or the enigmatic loss of the PBM Mariner as it searched for the survivors of TBM Avengers of Flight 19. Comprised of the triangular area from the tip of Florida to Bermuda and on to Puerto Rico, the Bermuda Triangle enflames the imagination.

To many in the western hemisphere, far less known is the Dragon’s Triangle. Between the years 1952-54 the Japanese navy lost 5 military vessels, with crews of over 700 people in a region surrounding Miyake Island, about 60 miles south of Tokyo, Japan.

Gates into the unknown? Urban legend?  Maybe...

Have you heard anything concerning the “Vile Vortices?” All twelve of these areas, which surround the globe, have tales of mysterious activity and unexplained disappearances. Known also as “The Twelve Devil’s Graveyards,” these hotspots include Easter Island, the Algerian Megaliths south of Timbuktu, Indus Valley in Pakistan, with special consideration to the city of Mohenjo Daro, Hamkulia Volcano in Hawaii, the South Atlantic Anomaly and The Michigan Triangle in the Great Lakes. We find five of these areas of the curious and bizarre on the same latitude north of the equator and another five to the same latitude south of the equator. Two lie opposite each other at the poles.

In my novelHeart of the Storm the sudden, violent, ethereal storms within the Bermuda Triangle opens a “gate” between our world and a parallel dimension. One such storm sets a seventeenth century sea captain and a lovely DEA agent on a collision course with destiny...

Those who have already read this book have asked if a sequel is in the works.  Most definitely.  And, I think that down the line, I'll have to explore other gates, leading into unknown worlds of adventure and romance.

Because the question begging an answer is... Just what lies beyond?

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