Monday, September 1, 2014

Lost Spirits of the Battlefield...

On this final day of our "Spirit of the Knight" Book Tour and Giveaway, I want everyone to know how much fun I've had while visiting the various blogs. My hostesses have been so sweet, they have asked me some interesting questions, and they made me feel welcome. So many friends--those I've had for quite a while as well as some new ones--dropped by and said hello. Thank you all for your support and all of your sweet comments! I am really excited to see just who it is that wins our prizes, including the beautiful print, "Prayer For The Fallen," by the very, very talented artist, Shandra Kay!

My very last stop takes me to Brooke Blogs where I share one of my very own, personal ghost encounters! I hope that one more time, you'll take a few minutes, stop by and say hello... (not to mention doing so will give you one more chance to win!)

Now, for those who read "Angels of Mons," penned by my beloved husband, I thought I'd present the following...

The Battle of Braddock Down...

Here, on the 19th day of January, in the year 1643, the Royalist forces under Sir Ralph Hopton engaged the Parliamentarian army in battle. Hopton's forces prevailed. Even though 350 plus years have passed since that infamous day, they say the sound of galloping hooves made by phantom horses can still be heard racing across the battlefield.

The Battle of Hastings...

Battle of Hastings, as portrayed by Philip James de Loutherbourg
I don’t know about you, but I studied this particular conflict many, many times as a student throughout the years. This is the historical moment wherein William, Duke of Normandy invaded Britain in the year 1066. This is also the very place, on the 14th day of October, King Harold died fighting against him. Since that day a host of witnesses, all throughout the centuries, say that the ghost of King Harold, soaked in blood, wanders the battlefield on the anniversary of his death. In addition to the sightings of the king, they say the blood of the fallen sweats from the grass when it rains.

Battle of Langside, Queens Park...

This battle, which occurred on May 13, 1568, lasted all of forty-five minutes. After her forced abdication and subsequent escape from captivity inside Lock Levan Castle, Mary, Queen of Scots, managed to gather a loyal army, 6000 strong. This army, commanded by the Earl of Argyll suffered defeat and ended Mary's hope of ever regaining her throne. The spirits of the fallen soldiers have often been spotted near the boating lake on the anniversary of the battle.

Sedgemoor Battlefield...

This bloody, brutal battle, in which wounded survivors were mercilessly slaughtered, took place on July 6, 1685. The army led by James, Duke of Monmouth suffered defeat while the army commanded by Lord Faversham won the day. Two days after the battle, James was captured and then executed in London. Reports of ghostly horsemen, seen galloping over the battleground are not uncommon. Neither are the voices cast by disembodied soldiers. We also have the residual haunting in which the Duke relives his attempt to escape on an annual basis.

The Battle of Killiecrankie...

During this battle, rebel Highlanders faced and defeated 3,000 government troops on the 27th day of July, in the year 1689. Numerous accounts of ghostly phenomenon have abounded ever since, from the visions of highland women pilfering from the dead, to the souls of the deceased soldiers that still roam the battlefield looking for heaven only knows what...

These are just the tip of the iceburg, dear husband, but I'll save all the rest for another day! (And do keep in mind that I cannot vouch for the reality of these sightings since I've never seen them myself, nor do I know who "they" are...)


Wishing everyone the best of luck on the drawing. The minute I find out who our winner is, I will post it here!

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  1. I can't believe this is the last day of the tour!! I really wish I knew who "they" are. I would really love to hear from them personally what they actually saw, after all when an account goes from one person to the other, things get lost in translation...

    1. Yep... but "they" never seem to leave a journal or an account with their name on it, do they... Thanks so much for stopping by and I am thrilled you enjoyed the tour... I know I sure did...

  2. I have had alot of fun on this tour. I have enjoyed all the stories. Your book was fabulous. As is all of them.What talent you have. Keep them coming I'm awaiting anxiously.

    1. Thanks Tammy! I always look so forward to your comments! My next novel Court of the Hawk will be coming soon!

  3. I'm late this week, but I had to pop in and say how much I've enjoyed the tour and these ghostly stories. Another fascinating look at notable and tragic moments from history!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it and I thank you for your support all the while it was going on! I've loved reading each of your sweet comments and want you to know just how much they were appreciated!