Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Excerpt that Inspired the Portrait...

As we reach the halfway point in our July blog stops, I though I'd share one of the excerpts from "Spirit of the Knight," that inspired the marvelous art print offered in our giveaway and created by the amazing artist, Shandra Kay!


Prayer for the Fallen
More arrows pierced through his armor, they continued to pierce him until he could no longer feel them enter his body. Still, he fought on with the intent of sending to the devil himself, as many archers as he could. An enemy rushed straight at him. Cailen pivoted and raised his sword for the kill. But just as he thrust his weapon into his opponent’s heart, the man raced straight through his body as though he didn’t exist. His intended victim somehow ended up right behind him to engage another.

Stunned over the occurrence, he whipped around. Naught but death and devastation littered the grassy field. Most of his battalion lay dead on the bloodied soil, Lord Robert Bruce and the Earl of Mar among them. He noticed the strangeness then.

Something didn’t feel right. He touched his body in various places. The muscles, skin, and bone felt solid enough beneath his fingers. Yet, just as he placed his hand against his chest seeking the beat of his heart, he spied his mortal body prone at his feet. Eyes, which no
longer blinked, stared up at the morning sky. A hand, which would never again engage an enemy, clung to his sword. He knelt next to his mortal remains in quiet despair. A steady hand aimed for the arrow that pierced his heart and ended his mortal life. He couldn’t grasp it, no matter how hard he tried.


He hesitated for a moment and then turned to face a bewildered Duncan. His friend of many years placed a hand of comfort upon his shoulder. Unable to speak, he gazed into his eyes and shook his head.

“I think we’re dead,” Duncan whispered.


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  1. Reading this part of the book brought a tingling to my body again!! It was one of the defining parts of the books that had kept me intrigued to read more and more. And I love how Shandra Kay brought that moment to life in her picture.

    1. Me too! You can't imagine how thrilled I was when Shandra sent me the finished portrait! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the sweet comments regarding the book!

  2. A dynamic spine-tingling excerpt from an excellent novel! I love seeing the writing that inspired Shandra's fabulous art print.