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Interviewing the Characters from Spirit of the Knight!

You'll find me at two stops this week as we wrap up the month of July in our Spirit of the Knight book tour and giveaway. Please drop by and say hello for another chance to win our fun prizes!

1. Booklover Sue asks questions and I answer!
2. Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock leaves you with a five fang can't ask for better than that!

Warning! There are some spoilers ahead, so don't read the answer if you don't want to know!

For the past several weeks, a lot of questions for Cailen, Mariah, and the Knights have trickled in (thank you all very much for participating, it really warms my heart). So, I thought it time to get some of them answered!

Eilean Castle by Remi Mathis

All right Sir Cailen Braithnock, we have some questions for you. Are you ready?

"Aye, ready and waitin'..."

Tammy wants to know if you wanted to follow Mariah to the pub when she met Evan for dinner or were you content to wait for her return?

"Ye dinnae know how badly I wanted to follow. I must confess I had this overwhelmin' need to keep a close eye on Evan after his intentions concernin' Murriah became obvious. Nonetheless, I felt it would be discourteous to go when she didn't extend me an invitation."

Always the chivalrous knight, I see! Next question - what were your thoughts when you first saw the bridge that Mariah had sketched? 

"All of the sketches she showed me that day seemed impossible. I couldn't fathom how she could draw me with such perfection when she had never seen me and I had lived my mortal life centuries earlier. Depictin' me in th' places I favored only added to th' mystery. To this day we talk and wonder about th' miracle of it."

All right, one more question just for you. What kind of relationship did you have with Beth? 

Mariah turns her gaze toward her beloved knight and lifts a brow? "Yes, do tell, my love...we're all ears!"

Cailen chuckles as he takes hold of Mariah's hand and tugs it onto his lap. "Nothin' for ye to worry about, my lady. Though she may have wished it otherwise, I always kept th' woman at arms length. She didn't possess a single quality that would make me desire anythin' more than friendship, and there were times, she even tested th' limits of that."

You seem pleased enough with the answer Mariah, so here's a question for you! When Cailen told you about the visit Jolena Michaelsson and Mathias McGregor made to the castle, did you wonder if you and Cailen could have the same kind of relationship?

Mariah returns a slow nod. "Once he told me about the visit, I gave it a great deal of thought. The love I had for Cailen increased each day, and I wanted nothing more than to remain at his side forever. Yet, Jolena didn't have the restrictions I had to face. She lived with her ghostly love, while I did not. Overcoming the obstacle of place and boundaries seemed all but impossible at times."

Well, I'm glad you finally found a way. A couple of readers want to know what you were thinking when you fully explored Cailen's hand after your nightmare - and what the differences were?

"This is so hard to explain, because it's more of a sensory thing. But if you would close your eyes and explore another's hand, you would feel the various joints and if asked, point them out. The same type of thing existed in Cailen's hand. I could feel the joints and note the difference in texture between those joints and the rest of his hand. Before I made that discovery, I thought the nature of spiritual matter would all feel the same."

I think I would have too!  Thanks for the clarification. One more question today, and I'll save the rest for next time.


Did you think that perhaps you lost Cailen after the vortex sucked him out of the car?

Mariah turns toward Cailen, and for a moment they simply gaze at each other. She takes in a deep breath. "That's not a memory I like to recall. But in answer to your question, I did and I hope I never have to feel that kind of pain again. I had never seen anything like it and when the mist disappeared with Cailen in tow, I had to face the very real possibility that I would never seen him again. You can't imagine the joy that filled my heart when I returned to the castle and found him there."

I think we all experienced your relief.  Thanks Mariah!

Now just a couple of questions for our rowdy knights and then we'll save all the rest of them for next week...

Meg wants to know at what point did you know that Mariah was off limits in a romantic sort of way? Anyone care to answer that one?

At once a chorus of voices answer and it is quite impossible to sort them all out. Duncan leaps to his feet and quiets the crowd with a simple wave of his hand. "As Cailen's lieutenant, I'll take that one, if it's all the same to ye?"

Please feel free...

Duncan shifts his gaze to Cailen and flashes a mischievous grin. "We found it obvious th' verra moment Murriah stepped out of th' car on the day of her arrival. Th' lass looked quite comely in her white skirt and form fittin' jacket. We couldn't help but ogle at th' sight she made. Yet, naught but an instant later we took note of th' look on Cailen's face. That look all but dared any of us to take a second look..."

The knights burst out laughing as they nodded and jabbed each other and I found myself joining in the laughter... All right, just one more question today for the boys and then I'll ask you all to come back next week!  This questions is related to the first - Lynn wants to know what you all thought of Cailen's interest in Mariah, since he is a ghost, and she is a mortal?

"I'll answer that one for you," Steven hollered out above the roar. "Though this might surprise ye, the growin' relationship between Cailen and Murriah seemed quite natural. Believe me when I tell ye that we were cheerin' them on and hopin' for a forever kind of happily ever after!

Do did we, Steven, so did we!  See you all same time next week...and...if YOU have a question for any one of our characters, you can still ask it in the comments below or shoot me an email!

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  1. Loved getting the inside scoop directly from Cailen, Mariah and some of the knights on these questions. A fun interview with a great group!

    1. Thank you very much Miss Mae! It is always so much fun to put my characters in the hot seat!

  2. Loved the interview with Cailen, Mariah, and the rowdy Knights!! I look forward to the questions that will be asked next week and their answers... There were a lot of good questions asked and I enjoyed their responses!! Looking forward to the next set.

    1. Thanks! for stopping by! I am so glad you enjoyed the post! I'll pass along your compliments to Cailen, Mariah, and the boys! ;)

  3. I love when you do the question and answers. It's like like getting the extra scenes at the end of the movie you just don't want to end so you are the last one to leave the theater. That's me.

    1. You always manage to say the nicest things! Thanks for all of your support Tammy!