Friday, May 31, 2013

Official Release day for "Spirit of the Revolution!"

After months and months of hard work, mixed with some blood, sweat and tears, we've finally arrived! Today, The Wild Rose Press officially releases the "Spirit of the Revolution," (available in the format of your choice, in both ebook, print and audio!)

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank my publisher and my WONDERFUL editor, Sarah Hansen, for the hours spent on my behalf! I am so grateful to you both! I LOVE being a rose in the garden of the Wild Rose Press. They are amazing people to work with!

Cover Art by Angela Anderson
To celebrate the grand event  I decided to share a few pages from the prologue with you today. So without further ado...


The Redcoats vastly outnumbered Mathias and his men. That simple fact produced an irritating smirk on the mouth of the officer in charge. The man assumed Mathias and his men would obey his order without hesitation, question, or incident. In return, a single corner of his mouth curved upward. One should never assume. In that same moment, several things happened simultaneously. 

“I’ve a mind to take the lot of them to hell with us, Mathias, starting with that one, right there,” bellowed Samuel Fraser. The sound of his voice boomed like thunder as it echoed throughout the forest. The startled soldiers cast each other furtive glances. Then before any member of the Lobsterback army could react to his bold declaration, Sam yanked the pistol out of his belt and with one shot, wiped the smirk from the leader’s face. 

Just as Sam made his statement, Mathias locked his gaze on Percival Peddelton. He took a small measure of satisfaction when fear replaced the smug expression on the coward’s face. With lightning speed, Mathias drew his flintlock in concert with Sam’s, and fired. A millisecond later, both Peddelton and the English officer lay dead. Their unexpected deaths set off a haze of musket powder, ball, and shot. Projectiles continued to fly in all directions. As the battle raged, more than half the English platoon fell to the expertise of the five Rangers they intended to capture, torture, and hang. 

Their ammunition spent and no time to reload, Mathias and his elite unit made use of every weapon at their disposal. Each Ranger fought bravely for their lives as well as their country. The battle lasted less than fifteen minutes. One by one, each loyal companion fell under a barrage of English gunfire and bayonet that flew from all directions at once.

Then finally, one ball found its target and pierced Mathias McGregor’s heart. Slipping away from his mortal frame didn’t trouble him and while he witnessed the slow descent of his physical body, he beheld the carnage of the last battle he would ever fight for his beloved nation. The scene yielded a clarity his natural eyes could never have seen. 

He had no idea this is what it would feel like to die and the experience amazed him. A brilliant light appeared off to his right. The iridescent beam beckoned him to enter, just as it surely compelled the vast array of dead English soldiers who wandered the grounds looking stunned, lost, and confused. Most of them entered, but some walked away. Mathias stood there in indecision as Sam ambled up from behind and rested an elbow atop his shoulder. Alexander, William, and Jedediah followed, ever loyal in life, now loyal in death. 

“Well, I believe this is just about the most extraordinary experience I’ve ever had,” Sam remarked, his tone casual. “Now tell me Mathias, what would you like us to do from here?”


So tell me, do you think Mathias McGregor stands a ghost of chance in finding his Happily-Ever-After?  (Sorry...couldn't resist...)

Now, for those of you who are following the Excerpt Tour for  "Spirit of the Revolution," here's the list for next week's stops! Don't forget to leave a comment, ask a question, or just say Hi! Each time you comment, you increase your chances to win! 

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  1. I'm late but I'm here! I had to congratulate you on the official release for SPIRIT OF THE REVOLUTION. Hope you're sailing high as you take Mathias, Jolene and "the boys" around the blogosphere. I loved their story and know that many others will as well. Congrats, Debbie!

  2. Awww... Thanks Mae! Having fun with it so far! And just so you know? YOU are never late!