Monday, May 20, 2013

Do You Believe in Ghosts...?

As an author of paranormal romance, where vampires and werewolves reign supreme, some of my readers have asked me why I prefer to write about ghosts. In truth...I'm not exactly sure. I can tell you that the ghostly romances written into the television series Dark Shadows probably had something to do with it. So did the movie and T.V. series, Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Perhaps the impossible love between a ghost and a mortal tugged at my youthful heartstrings...

Edward Mulhare and Hope Lange from the television program The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

The thing is, it's not that difficult for a mortal to find happiness with a vampire or werewolf...they're tangible. If a beefy, handsome, werewolf took you into his arms and kissed you senseless, you'd feel it without any difficulty whatsoever. But not so with a ghost—and yet, in the above mentioned series' and movie, I found myself rooting for the ill-fated lovers anyway. I don't me a romantic. If two people love each other there just has to be a way for them to get together. Right? 

No, really...right?

And then too, since most of us are taught in our early childhood that there are no such things as ghosts, putting a heroine that doesn't believe in front of an honest-to-goodness spirit can make for a fun story.

But are these stories just stories? There are so many accounts out there, from all over the world, of credible people who have seen ghosts. My blogs are full of them. But here's a new one for you, as I kick off the Excerpt Tour for "Spirit of the Revolution..."

During the Civil War, a ghostly apparition on horseback, appeared to the 20th Maine Division as they approached Gettysburg. These valiant men had just reached a fork in the road and stood indecisive as to which route to take. Of a sudden, a horse and rider appeared before them. At first glance, they took him for a general. But after closer inspection, the man wearing a tri-cornered hat, and his horse, gave off an eerie glow. What's more, the hundreds of soldiers who witnessed the event,  said the man looked just like the portraits they'd seen of George Washington. This specter led the men to a strategic position at Little Round Top, where they were able to fend off the Confederates, thus helping the Union gain a much-needed victory.

When questioned during a formal investigation of the matter, Colonel Joshua Chamberlin, the man who led the Division, offered the following testimony: “We know not what mystic power may be possessed by those who are now bivouacking with the dead. I only know the effect, but I dare not explain or deny the cause. Who shall say that Washington was not among the number of those who aided the country that he founded?”

If you feel so inclined, I invite you to come along on our Excerpt Tour as we count down to the official release of "Spirit of the Revolution." We'll be making twenty stops during the course of the next four weeks. At each stop you'll have the opportunity to make a comment or ask a question, and from those comments and questions, we'll choose one lucky winner to receive a custom made necklace, called "The Jolena," created by the fabulous Shandra Kay.  A second winner will receive an EBook copy of "Shadow of the Witte Wieven."  I hope you'll join us!

The Jolena by Shandra Kay

First Up:

So tell me... Do YOU believe in ghosts???


  1. Yes I do believe in ghosts.. I would of loved being one of those guys who got to see George Washington on his horse how fun...

  2. Me too... what an experience! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love to hear from you!

  3. I absolutely love this blog. As a matter of fact I think this one is my favorite yet. Thanks for sharing...I know I believe in ghosts. :)

  4. You're just the sweetest thing! Thank you Candice!

  5. Like you, I'm enamored of the idea of a ghost and a mortal finding love. I grew up mesmerized by Dark Shadows and the TV show The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (I adored Captain Gregg). Eventually, I found the movie and added it to my DVD collection.

    I love hearing tales of ghostly intervention and interaction. You always have great ones on your blog, Debbie!

  6. I had a huge crush on Captain Gregg (both of them)! And Dark Shadows? Just the best soap opera of all time...

    Thanks for coming by Mae, and for your sweet comments!