Friday, February 22, 2013

The Restless Spirits of Ringwood Manor – New Jersey

Not only is Ringwood Manor historically interesting, it is also the home of several restless spirits. Or so they say...

Ringwood Manor by Mwanner

Built in 1762, this beautiful Manor served as the primary supply center, strategic headquarters, and transportation hub for the Continental Army under General George Washington. Robert Erskine, Washington’s geographer/surveyor, took up residence here while taking charge of Washington’s defense mapping center. After the war General Erskine stayed on and ran the local ironworks. When he died, they buried him on the property, and his ghost is sometimes seen perched atop his grave and staring off toward the pond. (And speaking of that pond, according to various reports, two French soldiers who died for the American cause frequent the area while speaking French. So if you happen to speak French, and happen by the right place at the right time, do tell us what they're talking about...please.) Other legends tell us that Erskine’s ghost wanders the grounds with a lantern.

Over time, the house passed through many different owners and two of those owners, Martin Ryerson and Abram Hewitt, made extensive renovations. Hewett’s wife is credited for giving the manor its present grandeur. More about her in a minute.

As one wanders throughout the house, one might hear the sounds of footsteps, or witness a heavy object falling to the ground. Some say they have heard the disquieting sounds of someone crying. A door, firmly shut, will sometimes open of its own accord and reveal a messy bed that no one has slept in.

A spiritual medium visited the manor once and said that all the people traipsing through and invading the home during tours had a tendency to upset a female entity residing there. This distressed woman is most likely the spirit of Mrs. Hewitt. Perhaps she isn't the sociable type or maybe she would rather issue the invitations herself. The home is hers, after all.

A chill is experienced by some on the second floor hallway at the top of the stairs and next to the door of the children’s room. Whispers abound that the ghost of a housemaid haunts this floor. Someone beat her to death, or so the story goes. There are a few other entities tied to this house that are said to have worked for Mrs. Hewitt. They don’t seem to like her much, but then again, she doesn't like them either. Perhaps it’s all their squabbling that makes one feel clammy and out of sorts when they visit the house.

Not the most hair raising of phantom residents, but interesting nonetheless, after all, they have “dead people in the backyard.”

Oh, and lest we forget, the eyes of George Washington will follow you around the room. It’s only a painting though. Just keep telling yourself that— it’s only a painting.

So anyone out there have a ghost story of your own? If not, would you like to?


  1. I would. My own little ghost story is much more pleasant, and by far briefer.

  2. Thanks for the blog it was fun..At least these ghosts are nice...Anna do tell I love ghost stories..

    1. Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by and making a comment. You know I love them...

  3. I love a good ghost story. I'm glad to know they were the nice kind! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Candice... I love hearing from you!

  5. I always enjoy reading ghost stories and getting that shivery feeling that results but I'd never want to encounter one. I prefer learning from a distance, LOL.
    Love the history and legends attached to old homes and location. Keep sharing them, Debbie. I always find something new and interesting on your blog.

    1. Good morning Mae! You know what? I think we're going to have to get you over your fear of ghosts... ;D

      (And thanks for the compliment!)