Monday, December 26, 2016

The Things of Nightmares...Real or imagined?

Speaking of things that are not quite right... (See Carnival attractions via Red Rock Theater)

Did you ever pick up an item at an antique shop, flea market, or even in grandma's attic or basement and feel like you've suddenly trespassed where you are not welcome?  Somehow the otherwise innocent object feels all wrong. Perhaps it emanates a weird vibe or makes your skin crawl. I think we all know about Chucky (a movie I have never watched and never will--thank you ever so much) but what about things other than the plentiful stories of sinister dolls? Do you think these things only live in the minds of those who write horror fiction?

Did you know that on eBay there are numerous sites dedicated to possessed objects?  Pictures, jewelry, of course a doll or two can also be found.  Hmm... There is a story of a Dibbuk Box sold on eBay and based upon Jewish folklore.  A bibbuk box is a wine cabinet that is haunted by a restless evil spirit. They say it is responsible for haunting or even possession of the living. "Hog wash," you say? Maybe.

We also have the story of the Myrtle Plantation. Most everyone knows about the servant girl named Chloe who had a liaison with the master of the manor. She feared she would be removed from the house after he grew tired of her, so she began to poison Sara (his wife) and their kids. She intended, she said, to nurse them back to health and thus in gratitude, would forever be a prized member of the household. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way. She accidently killed them instead. Chloe, they say, has never left the mansion.

However, did you know about the mirror? Reports say the home houses a mirror that contains the spirits of Sara and her two murdered children. I don't have a clue as to why you can see them inside the mirror...

If that isn't enough to make you shiver, we have one wedding dress, circa 1849 that Anna Baker would've worn on her wedding day--except her father made sure the wedding never took place. Eventually another bride was destined to wear the dress. Decades later, the dress was given to a historical society. Then, when the Baker home in Pennsylvania was turned into a museum, the dress was placed in a glass case in an upstairs bedroom, reported to have been Anna's. Many visitors claim to see the dress dance as it sways from side to side, especially when the moon is full. No source for an inadvertent draft has been found. 

Artist Bill Stoneham created a painting entitled “The Hands Resist Him." Various buyers reported the characters within the painting would move around or disappear. Those that viewed the painting reported feeling sick and experience weakness.  Younger children would run from the room screaming and adults would report “hands” that were grabbing them. For others it was a blast of very hot air.

What about “the Goddess of Death” a stature carved in limestone dating to 3500 BC and found on Cypress in 1878? Reports say that the original owner and six succeeding family members who inherited the piece all died within six years.  All from unexplained and mysterious causes. Right or wrong, fingers point directly at "the Goddess of death."

Last but not least, there is a story of a piano, bought at an antique shop for an unbelievably low price. The man proudly brought it into his home and gave it a place of honor. Within days the piano began playing all by itself (and no, it wasn't a player piano). Scared out of his mind, the owner returned it at once to the antique store. The proprietor wasn't at all surprised. You see, it had been returned many, many times before....

Welcome to the dark side of the paranormal. Sweet dreams...


  1. Brr! I have shivers from this post! :)

    You've also given me some ideas, as I'm getting ready to start a new novel and a few of those freaky items above have sparked possibilities for plot threads.

    P.S. Dolls can totally freak me out! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    1. This was an especially good Christmas! I hope you enjoyed yours just as much! I found far more items than I included in the post... but after awhile... yes... brr... I'm glad your imagination is stoked...AND...I am so enjoying A Cold Tomorrow! Hope to finish it soon!

  2. Ooh! How delightful to hear you're enjoying A Cold Tomorrow. :)

    Christmas was wonderful. A wretched cold, but even that couldn't put a damper on the spirit of the holiday, LOL!

  3. Thoughtful blog thanks for sharing.