Friday, January 3, 2014

The Legends and Ghosts of Glamis...

I ended 2013 with Glamis castle, so it only seems fitting that I should begin 2014 with...Glamis castle. Besides, we are inching ever closer to the final galley and release date for "Spirit of the Knight", so once again, I find myself in a fourteenth century and medieval castle frame of mind. Go figure...

Enough of that though, let's get back to Glamis, shall we? You know, there is far more going on inside this beautiful old, structure than a cantankerous Earl who annually plays cards with the devil...

Glamis Castle, Scotland by Eric Berlemont

Gifted to the Bowes-Lyons family by Robert the Bruce in the year 1372, Glamis became the seat of the Earls of Strathmore and is still owned by the Royal family to this day. Since portions of the castle have existed since the fourteenth century, it shouldn't surprise anyone that reports of ghosts and legends are plentiful and diverse.

Take the legend of the secret room. Some say this room houses an unspeakable secret. For almost two centuries whispers have spread that speak of a malformed child lurking within this room. The story tells us that the eleventh earl sadly reported the death of his first born son, while secretly locking him away from public eyes, for what turned out to be an incredibly long life. For over one hundred years, each heir of the castle on his 21st birthday learned of the existence of the secret room and what or whom it housed. As time went on, people began to doubt the existence of the secret room. So one fine day, they put it to the test. Servants placed towels over every single window within the castle. Once complete, they circled the castle checking every window. Believe it or not, they discovered a solitary window lacking a towel. Yet, despite a thorough search, they never discovered the entrance into the room.

Or did they?

We do have one account that took place during one of the numerous renovations to the castle. According to this report a workman accidentally broke through a wall which revealed the dank passage leading to the secret room. They say he was paid quite handsomely to leave the country and keep his silence. 

And last but not least, there are those who say that found within the secret room are the skeletal remains of men who displeased the family and were locked up and starved to death...

Glamis also has ghosts as well as legends. 

A young boy, ill-treated in life, haunts a stone seat very near the Queen's bedroom. 

The Grey Lady, is believed to be the spirit of Lady Janet Douglas. History tells us that Janet was burned at the stake in the year 1537, (more than likely falsely accused for political purposes) for not only being a witch, but for plotting to poison the king. She is seen most often in the chapel, but at times one can find her above the clock tower. 

Finally, we have the spirit of a tongueless woman who haunts the grounds, drawing attention to her disfigured face. Despite her many sightings, no one has a clue just who she is or why she haunts the place.

Glamis... a lovely place to visit, but I don't think I want to stay there. 

Would you?


  1. It's certainly got it's share of ghosts milling around, doesn't it? Another great post, Debbie. I love hearing all these spooky legends. The secret room and the malformed child is story fodder (I have something like that in the works for Weathering Rock's sequel if I can ever find the time to write it, LOL). As for visiting Glamis, I think I'll steer clear and let you entertain me with the heroic ghosts I'm bound to meet in Spirit of the Knight. Looking forward to the release!

  2. Ah Mae, you make me laugh! Thanks for stopping by and I'll be the FIRST in line for Weathering Rock's sequel! You can count on that!