Friday, November 20, 2015

What Lurks Inside the Forest of Cannock Chase...

So, you might ask, "Where on earth have you been, Debbie? I mean you haven't posted a thing for well over a month now...and boring is that?"

Well, the answer to that question is---I've been busy catching up with life, working on my latest work in progress AND more importantly, I've been working very hard with my dear, sweet editor at The Wild Rose Press, to get "Bound By Oath and Honour," my latest fantasy romance, ready for publication!

Cover created by Debbie Taylor! What do you think?


In fact, I have just approved the final galley, and now the next and last step, my dear friends and readers, is the release date, which I hope will come sooner rather than later. More to follow as news comes in...

Anyway, since malevolent shifters are the antagonists in this book, I thought I'd share some of the crazy goings on in England--all purported to be true--that inspired the villains in my book.

In central England there is a lovely, but spooky forest known as Cannock Chase. There are those who will tell you encounters with enormous felines, ghostly canines, werewovles, and even creatures akin to Bigfoot have become a common thing for those who venture inside the woodland. We even have a newspaper report as recorded in the Stafford Post, April 26 in the year 2007 relating to this that states: