Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wolf and Aliyana Answer Questions, in the Shadow of the Witte Wieven Character Interview Part Two!

I know I promised this interview last week, BUT (and it's a big but...) my lovely editor sent me the first round edits for my upcoming novel, Court of the Hawk--to  be published by The Wild Rose Press-- and I had to work nonstop on getting them done and back to her in a timely fashion! (More information on that book will be forthcoming because I am so excited to share it!) 

Anyway, I've once again asked Wolf and Aliyana to stop by and answer just a few more questions submitted by my wonderful readers, regarding their adventure as told in  Shadow of the Witte Wieven! So, here we go...

Boarding the "Flying Dutchman" 1887 by Boarding the "Flying Dutchman

Our first questions are for Wolf:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Interviewing Characters from Shadow of the Witte Wieven... Part One!

I've had so much fun inviting my various book characters over for an interview, I thought I'd do it again. (Not to mention, I kind of, sort of, promised...)

Cover Created by the Awesome Shandra Kay!

In celebration of "Shadow of the Witte Wieven's" Second Edition release (which provides additional content along with a BRAND NEW COVER), I gathered Wolf, Aliyana and the crew to answer some questions provided by my beta readers. I want to thank each of these very lovely ladies and let them know publicly that I just couldn't do without their input, advice and support... You're the best! 

First up, we'll get the "added content" out of the way for those who might not know. As I've mentioned before, when I first submitted Shadow of the Witte Wieven, Inkspell Publishing had an 80,000 word limit. My book far exceeded that number and therefore, much of the back story concerning the crew and Wolf's past had to be edited out of the book. Even with all of the snipping, the story still came in at over 100,000 words. Because so many wanted to know more about the characters, I decided to write the back story in the form of a prequel entitled, "Van Locken's Witch." Then, to tie the two novels together a little bit better, Inkspell graciously allowed me to create a second edition with the needed additions to the story, and then give it a brand new look. 

So, here we go, and the first few questions are for Wolf's crew.

Friday, September 5, 2014

An Interview with Kristy Centeno, author of Keeper of the Innocents!

I am so excited to have my very talented Inkspell Publishing sister, Kristy Centeno, visit with me today as she  answers a few questions and discusses her new book, Keeper of the Innocents. This is a Young Adult paranormal novel, filled to the brim for your reading pleasure, with an assortment of witches and demons...

First, the Questions!

So, Kristy, tell us a little bit about your book!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Lost Spirits of the Battlefield...

On this final day of our "Spirit of the Knight" Book Tour and Giveaway, I want everyone to know how much fun I've had while visiting the various blogs. My hostesses have been so sweet, they have asked me some interesting questions, and they made me feel welcome. So many friends--those I've had for quite a while as well as some new ones--dropped by and said hello. Thank you all for your support and all of your sweet comments! I am really excited to see just who it is that wins our prizes, including the beautiful print, "Prayer For The Fallen," by the very, very talented artist, Shandra Kay!

My very last stop takes me to Brooke Blogs where I share one of my very own, personal ghost encounters! I hope that one more time, you'll take a few minutes, stop by and say hello... (not to mention doing so will give you one more chance to win!)

Now, for those who read "Angels of Mons," penned by my beloved husband, I thought I'd present the following...

The Battle of Braddock Down...

Here, on the 19th day of January, in the year 1643, the Royalist forces under Sir Ralph Hopton engaged the Parliamentarian army in battle. Hopton's forces prevailed. Even though 350 plus years have passed since that infamous day, they say the sound of galloping hooves made by phantom horses can still be heard racing across the battlefield.

The Battle of Hastings...